Bernard Dobbeleer

Like many DJs of his generation, Bernard Dobbeleer started with a pair of Technics SL 1200, playing very eclectic music. This was in the early 80s, long before techno and house, even before CD was invented. At that time, the DJs had to spin records all night long. Which was cool. This unique and somehow old fashioned way of DJing is still the best way to do the job today according to him. Music journalist, radio producer, he released several compilations in the past years; the infamous “80s Underground Clubbing” and the “Soulpower” compilations taken from his radio show on Belgian national radio. Through the years, he shared the decks with many different artists and DJs. From his friend Charles Schillings to Dimitri From Paris, Andy Smith and The Glimmers. He played numbers of prestigious spots in Belgium, Paris, Montreal, London, Beirut and New York. From early electro gems to disco fuelled 2008 re-edits, from obscure rhythm tracks to straight dance floor stuff, afro beat, latin, hip hop, reggae, soul and even rock bombs, Bernard Dobbeleer brings you the lot. Always expect funkyness, and some fat bass lines…

DJ Kwak

Growing up with a “musical” dad listening to Miles Davis , Coupé Cloué, Tito Puente , Barbara and their peers ,Kwak received his first shock discovering hip hop with SugarHill Gang and heavy rock with Motörhead.
The early house parties (for student mates) started at the end of the 80′s. At the same time, he started rehearsing with punk – hardcore bands as a frontman with critical acclaim on the then flourishing belgian scene. Then, by 1994, he started organising concerts and parties and soon enough was programming dj’s for the Kafé Kan’h in Brussels (From 1999 to 2004). In 2002, he started organising his own Strictly Niceness with teammate Dj Eleven, a monthly funk and soul party with crazy vibes taking place at the Biberium (Ex – Flanagan’s).
As a dj, he has crossed the wax with such international greats as Paul Murphy (Afroart Records), Rainer Trueby (Compost Records), Mad Mats, Nostalgia 77 and Quantic (Tru Thoughts Records), Cris Prolific (45 Scientific), Soul Rabbi, Gruyere Dj (New Cheese Records) and the cream of the crop among belgian dj’s : Bass Culture Soundsystem, Murvin Jay, Bernard Dobbeleer (Classic 21), Dj Simon Le Saint (PIAS/ Skinfama) Dj Piiit, Doc CLD, K’Bonus (Pulver Records), Snooba (Vinyl Amalgame), Onda Sonora Soundsystem, Brekbit (FM Brussel), Raggamuffin Whiteman, Dj Lefto, Smos, or Ipiki Ookami for example. He also played as opening act for such artists as Aka Moon, Alice Russell or The Peas Project.
Kwak is currently displaying his vibes in all and every bar in Brussels ( Roi des Belges, Cafe Dirty @ Dirty Dancing, Belga, Le Tavernier, La Maison du Peuple, …), in Antwerp, in Luxemburg … He is also broadcasting the BACK TO NICENESS RADIOSHOW on Fm Brussel ( each and every saturdays from 6PM to 7PM.
Expect classics and discoveries, rarities and insanities in funk, soul, hip hop, ska, rocksteady and more… The next step remains to be written.



Funky Bompa switched the warm grooves of funk, soul and jazz for hot latin and afro rhythms after his exotic trips on the search of that perfect record. Founder of the Cheeba Cheeba and Tropical parties (and more), Funky Bompa experiments his finds in original version or personal edits. Dedicated to the vinyl format, he now presses his own unique and exclusive dubplates.