This is the first part in a new serie of radio documentaries called ZOOM. Recorded and edited by Funky Bompa (one of our resident dj’s in the Attic and Tropicalia specialist and record collector), these documentaries will dip us into the world of people who are truly serious about music. Be it obsessed record collectors, labelheads or all round great music connaisseurs, it’s with your eyes closed and wide open ears that you’ll hear them chat, aknowledge, explain, all of this illustrated with music excerpts and field recordings from the moment and place of the interview.

Amir is known from his legendary mixtapes « Off Track » with Kon, his BBE compilations « On track« , his work as Wax Poetics labelman and so much more. His collection is deep, really deep, and goes from disco to leftfield soundtrack recordings, with a special love for latin and afro flavors, « as long as the music is great », as he says very accurately.

The recording of this was done in summer 2010. Amir was still labelman at Waxpoetics (which he has now left) and talks about his early digging memories, the Black Dynamite soundtrack, his meeting with Lyman Woodard etc. Many thanks to Amir for making time for this. A genuine gentleman he is.
Funky Bompa will be playing with Amir this very Wednesday Feb 15th at Mr Wong (Brussels). Show up, have a drink, or a dance, or both.
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