You know we’re great fans of Will Holland aka Quantic at Strictly Niceness.
It happens that Tru Thoughts (his label) is releasing a best off by the man to celebrate the 10th birthday of his first record on the label . Will Quantic always made quality music. Be it soul, breaks, latin, afrobeat, or whatever … he is also a super friendly guy I had the pleasure to meet on several occasions.
Here is the official mix of his « Best of » compilations by none other than J Rocc, a beast behind the decks if you ask me …
It’s a free download, so, do yourself a favor and grab this by clicking on the arrow …


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What Tru Thoughts say about this mix :

It has been a decade since Will Holland aka Quantic released his first album on Tru Thoughts. Twelve albums later and Quantic has a vast discography; funky, soulful vibes with the Quantic Soul Orchestra, Flowering Inferno’s reggae infused dub, cumbia with The Combo Barbaro, and more. The Best Of Quantic album highlights the stunning range of his work, bringing together some of the biggest tracks from across his many projects.

To celebrate the release and a decade of music from Quantic, the world famous J.Rocc (one of the finest DJs on the planet), created the Best Of Quantic Mix that perfectly incorporates electronic, jazz, dub, hip-hop, cumbia and the many more styles to come from Quantic over the span of ten years.

Quantic – « Snakes In The Grass »
Quantic – « Cumbia Clash »
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – « Dog With A Rope »
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – « Hands Of My Love feat. Alice Russell »
Quantic y Conjunto – « Cumbia de Dilla »
Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro – « The Dreaming Mind (Part 1) »
Quantic – « Infinite Regression »
Quantic – « Perception »
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – « Left & Right » f. Alice Russell
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – « Cuidad Del Swing »
Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro – « New Morning (Slow Version)’
Quantic And Nickodemus Feat. Tempo & The Candela All-Stars – « Mi Swing Es Tropical »
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – « Tropidelico (Occidental) »
Quantic And His Combo Barbaro – « Enyere Kumbara »
Quantic And His Combo Barbaro – « Undelivered Letter »
Quantic – « Transatlantic »
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – « Super 8 »
Quantic – « Use What You Got » f. Sonny Akpan
Quantic – Sabor » f. Tempo
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – « Get A Move On »
Quantic – « Not So Blue »
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – « Cumbia Sobre El Mar »

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