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Rasheed Chappell : « I feel like a kid in a toy store »

  In a cold early february 2012, Brussels slept on Rasheed Chappell and his producer Kenny Dope Gonzalez. They were in town to introduce Rasheed’s album called « Future before Nostalgia » release on Kenny’s own Kay Dee imprint. A great album reminiscing of the boom bap era. Kenny had Serato problems, and to my great surprise,...Continue reading

Evidence : « I was more influenced by Epmd than by Nwa »

I had the pleasure to meet Evidence during the Rhymesayers Tour that passed by the Ancienne Belgique (Brussels) in november. Several days before Ev’s come back with his trademark band, Dilated People, I thought I’d share the man’s thoughts on some matters, past, present and future … We rap about Dilated People, the boom bap...Continue reading
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