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Gones The DJ

He started building his career from the moment he jumped up to a stage for the first time to play his
horn with his school band in 1982.
After messing up his dad’s turntable, he received his first one and started collecting records.
1988 was the year of his first public appearance, as DJ, in front of teenagers like him.
During the 90′s Hip Hop Golden Era, he soon started to share stage with the noteworthy greats of the
Hip Hop & R&B french scene, and internationals artists such as Buckshot LeFonque, The Roots, Das
Efx, just to name a few.
This visibility gives him the opportunity to develop his own projects in different renowned clubs in Paris.
Managing to keep his integrity intact is what made him leave his imprint with his signature DJ sets.
Inspired by many styles of black music, whether it is soul, funk or world music, GONESTHEDJ has always been able to synchronize his audiences to the beat of his favorite music.
From Jazz to House, from Disco to Broken Beat.
Only connoisseurs like Gones are able to keep people’s excitement at the top making them discover great records, the known, unknown or even the forgotten ones.
He is now part of the few DJ’s who still mixes with classic scratch techniques that reminds us of the importance of taste, passion and skills.

His work for the fashion community has been applauded all over the world, giving him the opportunity to become Louis Vuitton’s official DJ.
Since music is a reflection of culture, he perfectly understands how to use it to create successful and memorable special events for lifestyle companies. He is frequently demanded for private events such as product launches, fashion shows, conventions, fundraising etc.

The GhettoBlasterShow is another way Gones connects with the people.
An hour long weekly mix crafted for the most demanding music fans. A musical journey with the latest and the classics in soul, hip-hop, broken beat, house, funk and anything that will make its audience vibrate through rhythms from all over the world.
Available on Mixcloud and iTunes the same day the show is aired on the french radio.
Shortlisted in Mixcloud Online Radio Awards 2015 for the Best Funk/Soul Radio Show.
Soulitude Music is the label and following steps of a music project started by GONESTHEDJ. It just make sense that after 20 years working in the music business (TV, live shows and music production) Gones created it to develop new music.

Gones puts his passion and thoroughness before anything, to perform with honesty, bringing the best of him and the music to the audience.
Whether it is live on stage, or at the studio, or on the radio, you will always get the quality a 20 year old career DJ like him can give you.

Dj Suspect

Dj and Producer from Paris, Suspect pushes aside the musical borders in his dj set coloured of Deep Funk, Afrobeat, Tasty Breaks, Hip Hop, Futuristic Jazz, Broken and all kinds of groove.

His acute sens of the dancefloor coupled with implacable control of turntables, allowed him to stand up to the turntables the best dj’s in the world.
From San Francisco to London, Sidney to Berlin, Montreal to Paris, he became in some years only a reference with many parties & live shows, being always at the service of dancers and rare groove lovers.
Half of The Funk League, their first LP « Funky As Usual » has been released in 2012 with legendary guests like Large Professor, Diamond D, Sadat X and many others.
He’s actually workin on many projects: a new album with Doc TMK, his collaboration with The Real Fake Mc, a new 45 of french sixties remix, and a second album of The Funk League.
Stay Tuned for more, the best is yet to come

DJ Kwak

Kwak grew up to the sounds of Miles Davis, Tito Puente, Funkadelic, the Beatles and their peers thanks to his music-loving parents. His own first musical ‘shock’, so to speak, came when he discovered SugarHill’s Gang rap and Motörhead’s hard rock.
His career started off by deejaying for students in the late eighties whilst rehearsing as lead singer for garage punk bands. In 1994, he began organizing parties and concerts and soon became the resident DJ and programme planner at the Kafe Kan’h (1999-2004). In 2002, together with DJ Eleven, he launched the Strictly Niceness, a monthly party which has since become one the most popular groove event in Brussels.
Behind the turntables, Kwak offers a breadth of styles that reflect the richness of groove across cultures and history. The listener travels between continents where the music is warm and swings. From hip-hop to reggae, soul to disco, funk, salsa and afrobeat, house, dubstep or even UK garage music, the musical odyssey will bring you where the classics meet the uncharted, where new productions meet the old ones, assuredly provoking itchy dancing feet and happy smiles all round.
His other occupations include a radio show “Back to Niceness” which he has hosted every week for the past 7 year on FM Brussels and writes a chronic for a Belgian magazine (Focus Vif).

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